Livestock 2013: AD advice service launched for farmers

A new service to help farmers develop anaerobic digestion plants as an integrated part of their system has been presented at the Livestock Event.

Greener for Life (GfL) is a joined up farmer centric approach that will support farmers through the process of installing an AD plant on farm. 

Dairy farmer and GfL co-founder Winston Reed said there was a lack of clear information and support around AD.

“Farmers need guidance during the evaluation, development and implementation stages to ensure they select the approach that is right for them and delivers the appropriate level of return.”

Greener for Life Energy have teamed up with some of the UK’s most eminent AD professionals and a leading farm consultancy to provide a bespoke service covering all aspects of an investment in AD.

They have successfully secured a range of funding options from 100% development funding through to co-investment opportunities.

“AD has the potential to sit alongside other farming activities and contribute a sustainable income stream while benefitting the farming system, but each farmer’s requirements will be different,” he said.

“On average we estimate a well-considered and implemented AD system can contribute the equivalent of a 2-5p/litre increase in dairy profit through a number of contributing activities,” he added.

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