Livestock 2013: First glimpse at Livestock event kit

Visitors at the Livestock Event 2013 got their first glimpse of some of the best livestock kit on display. We review a mixer from Triotrac, Farm and Stable ring feeders, a Kitt Agri variable width scraper and a McAree V-Mac bag hopper.

Triotrac mixer

Big self-propelled mixer wagons are popular in Europe, but UK farmers are taking a while to warm to them. That could soon change, reckons Dutch firm Trioliet, as dairy farms get bigger and British farmers see the benefits of an all-in-one package.

This Triotrac s-p mixer feeder is aimed at those with 400 cows or more. A 205hp engine provides the power and 4WD and four wheel steer are options. Given the 10m length of the machine, both are expected to be popular.

Triolet feeder

The mixer holds 20cu, with a side conveyor at the front giving variable speed discharge. There are also optional rear side doors to give fast delivery of feed, plus a premix rear door.

At the front the cutter unit uses reciprocating blades to take feed from the clamp face and cut through big bales. Cost is between £165,000 and £190,000.

As well as prodigious output, the Triotrac also allows the operator to concentrate on the mixing task and time is saved by doing the mixing while the machine goes from clamp to cow building.   

Farm and Stable ring feeders

Fed up with rusting ring feeders? Farm and Stable’s Durapoly plastic versions aren’t new but they always attract a lot of attention at the Livestock Event.

Each ring feeder is made up of four sections (total weight 30kg) that can be quickly detached from each other and shoved into a pickup by hand when you want to move them.
The feeders come in different colours and cost £400 for the ring and £250 if you want a lid. That’s rather more than the standard steel version, says the company, but they should last for 15 years. Tough-looking £200 3.2m hurdles made from the same material are also available.

Durapoly ring feeder

Kitt Agri variable width scraper

There’s nothing new about variable-width scrapers, however if you’re looking for a really tough example these Mensch units from Wisconsin, USA are going to be hard to beat.

Very heavy-gauge steel is used and three layers of industrial tyre wall give a 65mm width of rubber. Spring-loaded guides keep the ends of the blade in close contact with the sides of the passageways.
Three models are available – 1.8-2.8m, 2.1-3.7m and 2.4-4.3m. The last one is expected to be the biggest seller and comes with a price-tag of £2,950.

McAree V-Mac bag hopper

Emptying feed from 1t or 0.5t bulk bags is pretty tedious, but McAree Engineering has the V-Mac Bag Hopper designed to allow farmers to easily handle and remove feed from bulk bags.

V-Mac Bag Hopper
It can be safely moved long distances with most bale handlers or a forklift. The drop-down legs allow buckets or barrows to be filled without having to open and empty from the top of the bag.

The V-Mac Hopper legs keeps the bag off the ground, helps prevent feed getting spoilt and reduces waste by making it more difficult for rodents to get into the feed.

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