Livestock 2013: G Shepherd Animal Health wins RABDF award

G Shepherd Animal Health was the winner of this year’s RABDF Livestock Machinery and Equipment award for its MilkWorks Gold calf colostrum pasteuriser.

This removes serious disease-causing micro-organisms like Johne’s, TB, salmonella, rotavirus and mycoplasms and reduces the risk of passing transmissable diseases from adult animals to their calves via colostrum.

The US-made Dairy Tech unit can chill, pasteurise, thaw and reheat calf colostrum within a single unit and uses the company’s Perfect Udder single-use 3.8 litre disposable bags with their screw-on nipples and feeding tubes to improve cleanliness.

The bags can be frozen for up to six months. They can also be thawed and reheated four times faster than standard bottles, says the company, cutting labour input. Cost of the 4.5kW unit is £3,800.

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