Livestock 2013: Pichon extends muckspreader range

French company Pichon, which specialises mainly in muckspreaders and handlers, is gradually upping its presence in the UK market.

It sold its first UK machine 15 years ago and now has 10 dealers around the country.

This fully-galvanised M8 8.5cu m model (which holds about 9t of muck) gives UK farmers a smaller capacity option than the existing 12cu m model. There’s also an M10 model which uses greedy boards to allow capacity to be pushed up to 10.5cu m.

Two massive 885mm diameter vertical beaters run at high speeds. These give wider spread widths and allow the machine to empty more quickly. The company has also beefed things up by fitting 16mm diameter bed chains and a sprung drawbar is standard.
Cost of this model, which includes a hydraulic slurry door, is £18,000.

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