Livestock 2013: Pregnancy test uses milk samples for predictions

Milk samples can now be used to accurately predict when a cow is pregnant. The revolutionary new testing service is available through NMR and will reduce the cost and time of testing.

Based on an ELISA test developed by IDEXX, it works by detecting Pregnancy Associated Glycoproteins (PAGs), which are produced in the placenta and change during gestation.

The test is proven 98% accurate and can determine pregnancy as early as 35 days post service. The tests are being introduced as confirmation tests post pregnancy diagnosis and it is hoped they will improve productivity by identifying reabsorbed embryos earlier. Results will be available via email or through Herd Companion within 36 hours of arriving at the lab.

The service is also available for farmers who don’t record with NMR.

NMR says it will help to make fertility issues more transparent and improve 100 day in calf rates. Tests cost £3.50 each and include a free recheck.

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