Livestock 2013: Squeeze crush keeps all four feet visible

Lameness is reckoned to be the third most common reason for culling cows on dairy farms, after infertility and mastitis, so anything that helps improve the state of cows’ feet is to be welcomed.

Dungannon-based company Northern Engineering reckons it can help with this surprisingly compact but all-singing-and-dancing Cow Tipper squeeze crush.

It uses hydraulics to allow the operator to turn a cow or bull over on its side so that all four feet are visible at the same time for inspection and treatment.

Stationary and mobile versions are available, with a weight transfer axle and anti-roll bars and brakes on the mobile one. A hydraulic rump rail helps get stubborn animals into the crush and a dung chute transfers waste away from the operator.

Set-up is easy, says the company, and very little servicing is needed. Cost is £22,500 for the mobile version and £8,900 for the stationary version.

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