Livestock 2013: Triolet showcases mixer feeder wagon

Triolet’s latest self-propelled and self-loading mixer feeder wagon is being showcased at the event.

The Dutch firm’s new four-wheel drive Triotrac is designed to help cut feeding time and preserve silage quality. The feeder uses a U-shaped cutting system and reciprocating auger knives to leave a clean silage face and prevent heating in the clamp.

Power comes from a 175hp diesel engine and drives through a hydrostatic transmission. The working range extends from 0-20kph and transport mode takes its top speed up to 40kph.

Weighing systems can be added for precise mixing of rations and cab height can be adjusted hydraulically to improve the view from the driver’s seat.

Prices start from £160,000 and the Triotrac is available with 14, 17 and 20cu m capacities.

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