Additive found to optimise pig gut wall

A new feed additive launched at the Pig and Poultry Fair 2012 has been found to optimise intestinal health in pigs.

Presan-FX, from Frank Wright Trouw nutrition, has been found to optimise and balance the microflora and support barrier gut function, explained the company’s feed additive manager, Tim Carter.

“This powerful approach is designed to reduce infection pressure and boost gut wall integrity, so supporting the digestive process and improving nutrient use.

“Presan also helps get rid of nasties such as salmonella. Salmonella for example, causes inflammation to the gut, allowing bad bacteria to enter. But by keeping cell walls together, which is what Presan does, it helps prevent that from happening.”

Mr Carter said the product should be used to optimise the gut for best performance. “It can help under-performing animals particularly and can give more consistency,” he said.

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