BPEX announces five-point plan for pig industry

To meet the changing needs of the UK pig sector, BPEX is undergoing a major restructuring of its team as it embarks on delivering a new five-point plan.

“Going for Growth” sets out BEPEX’s priorities over the next five years, BPEX director Mick Sloyan told a press briefing at the Pig and Poultry Fair 2014.

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“Our job is clearly defined as to help English pig production and processing businesses become more competitive and profitable. We will deliver through a five point plan that focuses on the strategic needs of the industry.”

It will be delivered by a new restructured BPEX team. “We have combined the R&D and Knowledge Transfer teams under a single technical team.”

The five-point plan:

1. Close the gap
To help the industry improve its technical performance against its competitors. The Danes are weaning 28.2 pigs a sow a year while the UK is behind at 23.9.

2. Protect the environment
The industry had a great story to tell, already having reduced its carbon footprint by 24% over the last four years.

3. Enhance pig welfare
UK pig producers have a deserved reputation that needs to be protected.

4. Encourage safe and traceable pork
Maintain consumer confidence in the British product.

5. Help sell more pork
Finally, BEPEX is aiming to looking to rejuvenate the image of pork among consumers as well as encouraging them to look for the Red Tractor.