Capture ‘low-hanging fruit’, pig producers advised

Measuring data on pig units in real time can highlight great inefficiencies that can easily be rectified.

Speaking to Farmers Weekly at the Pig and Poultry Fair 2012, Farmex’s Hugh Crabtree explained how many units could be quite wasteful in terms of things like electrical energy use, but people are unaware of it because they can’t see it.

“It’s only when you look at a system and use real-time monitoring that you really get an understanding of what’s going on. It puts a magnifying glass on things,” he said.

Mr Crabtree explained how there was lots of “low-hanging fruit” producers could capture if they just looked at their systems.

“We offer a wireless real-time monitoring system that captures large quantities of information and transmits this to the farm computer. We then have a support system to analyse it so that producers can adopt and exploit the technology with relative ease.”

Things that are measured include temperature in pig buildings, water use, feed flow and electrical energy use. The annual fee for data recovery is £350 a year, said Mr Crabtree.

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