Energy savings from new heaters

Poultry producers can achieve energy savings of more than 30% by using gas radiant heaters, revealed agricultural heating and ventilation specialists Hydor at the British Pig and Poultry Fair 2012.

Trials, conducted by the Farm Energy Centre over a 12-month period at a broiler farm in Shropshire, showed that heating energy use was reduced by approximately 22%.

The findings, which were published in their Radiant Heater Study, revealed annual projected heater savings were forecast at about 23%.

“This, combined with better control and use of the radiant heating effect, suggest this could increase to over 30% in many types of buildings,” said a spokesman from Hydor.

Traditionally, a major drawback with radiant heating was the need to employ a large number of spot units to achieve temperature uniformity.

But new designs are now built around the concept of wide-span heating, which enables the heat emission to be spread over the length of the heater via a long tube.

“This not only achieves greater uniformity of output, but also allows unit heater ratings to be much higher,” the spokesman added.

The units are protected to IP55, which ensures they’re waterproof and they’re permanently mounted in the apex of the roof to keep them out of the way of traffic.

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