Top planning tips from experts

NFU planning advisor Ivan Moss and Amy Jackson from Oxtale Public Relations, shared their top tips for consideration when submitting a planning application at this week’s Pig and Poultry Fair.

Here’s what they recommended:

 Top planning tips
1. Prepare and be honest about plans
2. Identify who the most important stakeholders are such as local MP’s, NGO’s, local councillors etc
3. Decide some communication rules: a. Prepare materials with facts and figures
b. Identify concerns from different groups and tailor communication
c. Find out what others in industry will do for you and don’t assume they will support you
d. Be wary of getting in to public debates
e. Be aware of wider media agenda
4. Communicate
a. Use a variety of communication channels – newsletters, website, bus trips to demonstrate facilities
b. Communicate early
5. Respond
a. Be available, be responsible and be focussed
b. Understand concerns
c. Answer all questions clearly
d. Be prepared to move your position
6. Ask yourself whether you have got safe access for your scheme and how much extra traffic will be generated
7. Consider the landscape and visual effects of your plan
8. Think about the issue of smell
9. What are you plans for slurry disposal?
10. What will the impact be on biodiversity?
11. Will flies be an issue ?

Mr Moss said: “Planning will never be a perfect solution so you need to consider how you can do things to mitigate the impact.”