Sheep 2012: New protein feed available this summer

An alternative protein feed product available from this summer could be the ideal supplement to grass for lambs and ewes.

The opening of the new Vivergo biofuels plant will mean an extra half a million tonnes of protein sheep feed available on the market, explained AB Agri’s Neil Woolf at Sheep 2012.

“A concentrated form of protein feed will be available to supplement grass feed. There will be 390,000t of wheat distillers in a 6mm form, 130,000t of a wheat based moist feed and 23-35,000t of a wheat distillery syrup,” he said.

Mr Woolf said the products available wouldn’t be a grain replacer as they don’t contain starch, but did say they would complement other feeds such as sugar beet and grass.

“The by-products could also improve rumen efficiency due to it being rich in yeast fragments. It is an excellent alternative to soyabean meal, rapeseed meal and peas and beans and is a great complement to any blended feed for ewes and fattening lambs,” he added.

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