Shelbourne unveils latest livestock diet feeders

Faster bale processing, improved manoeuvrability and lower power requirement are among the features of the new Powermix Plus vertical auger diet feeders being launched at Lamma by Shelbourne Reynolds.

A shorter, more compact layout means the 16cu m, 18cu m and 22cu m twin-auger tub machines are easier to manoeuvre around yards, says the company, while incorporating the chassis into the tub weld assembly results in a simpler machine overall.

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Bale chopping speed is said to have been improved and the risk of spillage lessened by changing to a tub shape with smoother sides. Easier flow of material around the tub results in better mixing performance with lower power requirement, says the manufacturer.

Horizontally-mounted auger blades, increased auger speed and a new straw ring design are said to result in faster chopping, and a two-speed electric-shift gearbox is optional.

A revised front-mounted conveyor with a spring-loaded belt tensioner also features, along with a new front viewing platform. Lighting has also been improved, with an LED kit fitted as standard.

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