Young Farmers vote bigger-than-proposed levy increase

NFYFC members voted to increase to its membership levy by more than the initially proposed 50%, although the rise will be spread across three years.

An amendment put forward by Yorkshire YFC at the NFYFC AGM on Monday (13 May) proposed three consecutive annual increases to the fee of 20%.

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The passed motion means Young Farmers will pay £32.35/year for NFYFC membership from September 2021 – a rise of 72.8%.

Yorkshire YFC’s successful amendment also means that the levy fee will increase in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI) for the two years following September 2022.

RPI is a measure of the cost of living linked to inflation published by the Office for National statistics and stood at 2.7% for December 2018 – an increase that would account for an £0.87 rise to the levy fee for members.

Decreased revenue

NFYFC said it had been forced into looking at a levy increase following a combination of external revenue sources drying up and the axing of the hugely popular annual convention all putting pressure on the federation’s purse.

Any proposed increases in previous years were either rejected or watered down as members fought to ringfence their levy fee.

The levy increase means the national federation can plan the future knowing what the membership will pay,” according to NFYFC chairman, Katie Hall.

“The debate today gave clear signs of where the membership would like to see spending efficiencies to be made.

“This planned approach, approved by the membership at the AGM, will build a more secure financial base for the federation.

“This decision does mean the NFYFC will need to make further spending efficiencies to close the budget gap,” added Ms Hall.

Other votes

The AGM also saw a vote proposing to ban YFC meetings in the bar area of pubs rejected.

The unsuccessful motion championed by Ms Hall looked at whether clubs’ regular meeting places provide a safe, inclusive and appropriate environment to ensure everyone is comfortable, including parents and guardians of those under 18.

Members also re-elected Farming Today journalist and TV presenter Charlotte Smith as NFYFC president for what she has said will be her final year.