With the return of lockdown, Farmers Weekly launched the Farm Kids Lockdown Project to help keep school children entertained.

We’re asking little farmers aged 4-16 to take part in two creative projects and upload their work to our gallery. We’ll pick our favourite entries after entries close on 11.59pm on 21 February 2021.

Artwork project

We want you to get creative by making a picture to show us your favourite thing about farming.

You can use anything you like to make the picture – paint, colour pencils, crayons or maybe make a collage out of old Farmers Weekly magazines (check that Mum and Dad are finished reading them first, though).

Once you've made your artwork, get somebody to take a photo of you holding it and ask them to enter it by uploading it here.

Good luck.

Video project

Grab a smartphone, tablet or video camera and show us your favourite thing about farming.


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