11 top ‘Farming Through a Lens’ reader photos

Every year our readers share so many great moments with us in our galleries. It is brilliant to see life on the farm, captured in beautiful photos.  

The Farming Through a Lens, FW on tour and Young readers galleries are always very popular and, as we have reached the final month of the year, we thought we would pull out some of our favourite 2016 uploads.

1. First encounters

The Huntaway puppy’s first meeting with the sheep he would soon be working with.

Huntaway dog and sheep

Uploaded by gallery user Dougcollis1

2. Little helpers…

Harriet “eager to get started”.

Harriet tractors

Uploaded by gallery user Mrs R.

3. and little bosses

This is Amelia. “She really is as bossy as she looks and she says: ‘I’m very good at gaffering so do it the right way’, usually her way,” said he grandparent who uploaded the snap.


Uploaded by gallery user Snapper-sp

4. Blonde bulls…

Waiting patiently for a scratch and set against the backdrop of the Brecon Beacons, Ianto the British Blonde was uploaded to the gallery by Thomas Parry. 

Blonde bull

Uploaded by gallery user Farmantics

5. and blonde stallions

This is Bob, the Shetland stallion, captured by Heather Ross who thinks he is a dead ringer for Donald Trump.

Bob the stallion rolling on the ground

Uploaded by gallery user hross

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6. Teacher terriers…

Minnie the Jack Russell teaching the Texel ewes.

Terrier dog and sheep

Uploaded by gallery user Ahowe

7. and welcoming sausage dogs

Three in a bed and the wooly one said…

Two sausage dogs in a dog bed with a lamb

Uploaded by gallery user HarrietM

8. The younger readers…

This is Ted, 18-months-old, reading his favourite magazine.

18-month-old Ted reads a copy of Farmers Weekly

Uploaded by gallery user MuppetTedBear

9. and the holidaying readers…

Thank you to Phil who took us to New York, Las Vegas and the Caribbean. Miss Donger, who uploaded the sunny photo said: “When I asked Big Phil ‘Have you got everything?’, he replied: ‘Yep, Farmers Weekly’s in the case.’”

Holidaymaker reading Farmers Weekly

Uploaded by gallery user Miss Donger

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10. The beautiful photos…

Like this bee on oilseed rape.

Bee on oilseed rape

Uploaded by gallery user Tracynoe

11. And the classics…

Like these “youngsters passing the time of day, over the gate”.

Two children in front of a gate with cows in a field

Uploaded by gallery user Dougcollis1

Upload snaps of your farming life to our Farming Through a Lens gallery and they might be picked to feature on our website or in the magazine.


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