6 photos of farming-themed Halloween pumpkins

‘Tis the season to scoop out pumpkin innards, carve a scary face in the side and stick a little candle inside – it’s Halloween.

Farmers have been joining in with this age-old tradition, but they quite rightly like to take inspiration from the farming world around them when it comes to carving their shapes.

From sheep to combines, here’s our pick of farming-themed pumpkin designs in 2017.

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1. Tracked combine pumpkin

2. John Deere pumpkin

John Deere pumpkin

Here’s five-week-old Oscar Blackburn with his very own John Deere pumpkin.

Babay OScar with his John Deere pumpkin

Sent in by Chris Blackburn.

3. New Holland pumpkin

New Holland pumpkin

Sent in by Cliff Morris.

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4. Farming-inspired pumpkins galore

Pumpkins with YFC and sheep

Sent in by Rebecca Hedley.

5. Tractor pumpkin

Tractor pumpkin

Sent in by Emma Mumford.

6. Little farmer pumpkin

Proof that not all Halloween pumpkins are scary.


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