7 fantastic farm dogs to follow on Instagram

Just as with Batman and Robin or Wallace and Gromit, you rarely find a farmer without their dog bounding by their side or drooling all over the window of the truck.

Farm dogs are the best dogs, bar none. To celebrate the brilliant diversity in breed, shape and size of the furry farm companions we all have a soft spot for, here are seven farm dog Instagram accounts you need to follow.

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Alfie the Jack Russell Terrier

Meet Alfie, a scruffy Jack Russell Terrier who lives on an arable farm in Nottinghamshire. He loves running off with cricket balls and can be a bit of a troublemaker at times.

Walter the Parsons Terrier

Walter is another naughty terrier from a farm in Oxfordshire. He gets very excited when he’s near chickens, cats, cattle, sheep, tractors, cars, lorries…

Benson the Golden Retriever

This cute little lad is Benson, an adorable golden retriever puppy who lives on a farm in Northern Ireland. Looks like he can be tricky to keep clean.


I have no words 🙈

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Aussie the Australian Shepherd

This six year old Australian Shepherd is aptly called Aussie. Just to confuse you, he’s actually American and lives on a farm in Southern Missouri.



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Nelson the Border collie

Nelson, Nell for short, is a two-year-old Border Collie who’s and is a bit of a poser. He’s named after Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson.


Happy Monday…now let’s get to work!! #bordercollie

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Callie the Australian cattle dog (and company)

Callie is a four-year-old Australian cattle dog from New South Wales Australia. She shares her Instagram account with Mick the three-year-old kelpie and the puppies.


11 weeks old today ❤️

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Prince the English springer spaniel

Meet Prince, a one-year-old English springer spaniel who has always got his tongue hanging out. He like sitting in stubble fields, even if it isn’t the most comfortable place in the world for a sit down.


#workingdogs #workingspringerspaniel #spaniel

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