8 farming photos to make you smile

Our photo competition is in full swing, and while doing my daily checks of the galleries, I spotted these pictures which brought a smile to my face.

The photos are from a range of the categories, livestock, wildlife, black and white, people and machinery. And if they don’t make you smile, well, nothing will!

There’s only a week to go before the competition closes, so make sure you get your pictures uploaded to the galleries – you can get the details on our Farmers Weekly Photo Competition page.

Proud to be a farmer
Phoebe spending time doing the jobs she loves – the words on the back of her hoodie say it all! Picture taken by mother Jayne Eglington on their free-range egg unit in Suffolk countryside.

Proud to be a farmer

Excuse me
This Highland cow isn’t going to win any beauty contests, but this expression is bound to make people smile. Photo sent in by SouthdownEwe.

Highland cow

It’s a dog’s life
This charismatic dog, Dotty, makes several appearances in the galleries, and you can see why. Here she is thinking it’s a hard life being on the farm.

Dotty the dog

David Brown – still hard at it
An old David Brown tractor snapped at Hawkshead – that should bring a smile to many an old timers face, if not the youngsters too. Photo uploaded by KTChip.

David Brown tractor

Cross Robin
This robin looks slightly cross. Maybe he’s looking at a cat… Photo taken in Lancashire by Noble 1.


Raven the cat
Maybe the cross robin is looking at this cat! He’s either yawning or he’s not happy to see a robin staring at him. Anna D who took the picture says “Raven having a lazy day in the garden”. We’ll take her word for it.


The great escape
The Barrett triplets planning their escape at Whitelye Farm, Monmouthshire. Photo taken by spade77.


Bramble the hen
This is a photo of Bramble perching over the edge of her coop. Have you ever noticed how animals just love looking into the camera lens? Photo by SouthdownEwe.


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