87-year-old Kent woman still farming with off-road scooter

Kent farmer Marion Pont, 87, isn’t letting age and a difficulty walking slow her down – she’s running her sheep farm with the help of two rugged mobility scooters.

Marion has lived on her family farm for more than 70 years.

First owned by her parents, the 70-acre holding in Bethersden, near Ashford, has reared milking cows, grown crops and now breeds sheep.

With the help of her sister-in-law and nephew, Marion manages her flock of 80 ewes using her trusty mobility scooters – one of which was built more than two decades ago.

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Carting feed

Her TGA Supersport and Breeze GT electric scooters are her only means of getting around the farm, carting feed and ploughing across off-road terrain.

“I call my Supersport my tractor and my new Breeze, my Rolls Royce,” says Marion. “I couldn’t farm without them.”

She uses her scooter three times daily to make sure everything is in order on the farm and typically covers several miles a day.

“For years now, my Supersport has helped me transport tons of stuff, including feed, tools and logs.

“I can get around the house but walking further is impossible.

“When you’ve worked on a farm all your life, doing heavy work, your muscles get worn out.

“I haven’t been away from the farm in three months due to the virus, so having two scooters at home has kept my freedom intact.”

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