9 wedding proposals with a distinctly agricultural feel

Farmers never fail to amaze us with their creative flair. Here, Farmers Weekly recalls nine wedding proposals we’ve heard about that have a romantically rural twist to them.

Do you know of somebody who popped the question or has been proposed to in a way that has a fantastic farming feel to it?

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1. Richard Synge wooed Elly Moughton with this message created by a tractor and a Sumo Trio. Richard then flew his other half above the field near Banbury in Oxfordshire to pop the question.  


Richard Synge proposed to Elly Moughton in the air while flying over this giant message (top).

Richard Synge proposed to Elly Moughton in the air while flying over this giant message (top).

2. John Jardine cultivated the words “Will You Marry Me?” in huge letters to wow Hayley Thomson.

John, who works in the Scottish Borders, created the message that was more than 100m long and 24m high in a field where it would be clearly visible from a local landmark, Fatlips Castle.

He then concocted a story to persuade Hayley to go with him to the spot (which they had visited on one of their first dates) so she could see it.


3. Nathan Evans borrowed a cow to carry his romantic message to his girlfriend Angela Olano from Berkshire at the South of England Show in West Sussex.


4. George Outhwaite masterminded this rotavator proposal in North Yorkshire as a surprise for Sarah Monks.


5. For Tim Atkinson, a Young Farmers AGM in Torquay – which he and his girlfriend had travelled to with Yorkshire YFC – was the perfect setting. He proposed to Laura Smith at Sunday’s club shirt night.


6. Another YFC proposal – this one in Blackpool. Colin Poore proposed to Amy Blount at the Winter Gardens in the seaside town.

The pair, members of Stockbridge YFC, had met at a Hampshire county dance three-and-a-half years before.


7. Bowthorpe Park Farm near Bourne in Lincolnshire was the venue where George Blanchard enlisted the help of the family’s pedigree Lincoln Red bull, Frosty, to pop the question to Nicola McLaughlin.


8. Rick Davies used weedkiller to spell out a message in a wheat crop in Buckinghamshire. 

Applying the pesticide from a quad bike, he wrote: “Di will you marry me?, left it for a while, then took Diana Cull over the field in a flight won at a charity auction so she could see it.


9. Farmer’s son James Andrews had the question for Floss Allen etched in giant letters across a Norfolk field at Rockland St Mary.

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