Advantages for farming couples

We asked our Facebook followers what the best (and worst) bits of being in a farming couple are. Here’s what they had to say…

The best is having free hay and straw for my horse! The worst is straw and mud all over the kitchen floor, and chasing an escaped beast at 2am in pjs and wellies.

Donna Smithson

The best things are always being with each other, having a (free) second pair of hands always available and having someone who truly understands to commiserate and discuss options with.

Natalie Rose

Best is working together, laughing together, crying together but always being together. Worst is the housework that never gets done and the ironing fairy that never visits .

Rachel HoddinottThe best thing is feeling like you’re both working towards something you both love and believe in. The worst is the unpredictability of it all and the hours it takes.

Soph Cannell

We work hard, together as a team, but there’s never a good time to have a holiday (we’ve had one in 11 years). The cows have a cleaner house than us as I never manage to get the housework done!

Louise Jones

Understanding each other like no one else would.

Lorna Burdge

The best is I can play golf on a Saturday and leave my wife to do the farming.

Philip Spyker Boshoff

The views and space is the best. Being left to do the farming while hubby goes to play golf on a Saturday morning is the worst.

Ruth Sherry Boshoff

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