AgrichatUK talks farmer relationships

AgrichatUK is taking on a romantic theme this week, by tackling the subject of relationships in farming.

Tonight’s two-hour discussion is titled “Love and relationships in farming – how are they different?” and will explore the unique challenges and benefits of being a farming couple.

The founders of the Muddy Matches dating website will be taking part to share their experience of matchmaking rural couples. The discussion will also be joined by:

  • Relationships charity Relate
  • Therapist Ned Henderson
  • Scottish support helpline Gatepost
  • The Royal Agricultural Beneveolent Institution (RABI)
  • And, of course, dozens of farmers and rural people

Jez Fredenburgh, one of the founders of AgrichatUK said: “We know from our AgrichatUK community that farming can sometimes be lonely, isolating and stressful, and that a strong relationship between a farming couple can be hugely important not just to people’s wellbeing, but to the running of the farm too.”

“The discussion will be asking all sorts of questions about the specific strains – and joys – of being a farming couple.”

Among the questions that will be tackled are: “What is different about a farming relationship?” “How easy or hard is it to find a partner in the countryside?” “Are certain gender roles expected in farming couples?” “How do farming couples deal with strains of the farm and how do they have to work together?”

The discussion will take place on Twitter tonight (Thursday 28 February), from 8-10pm.

How to join in

  • Go to Twitter between 8-10pm tonight (Thursday 28 February)
  • Search for #agrichatuk to see what others are saying
  • Remember to include the #agrichatuk hashtag in ALL your tweets so others can see what you’re saying
  • If you’d like to suggest a question in advance that you’d like the organisers to ask on the night, tweet or direct message @agrichatuk ahead of the event.

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