Best of the Blogs: Highlights from FWi’s blogs

This strange thing called blogging seems to be taking over the world. But are you one of those people wondering what all the fuss is about? 

Basically, a blog is an online diary which gets updated with comments, pictures and news snippets – some of them funny – every day.

But the easiest way to get a feel for blogs is to have a read yourself.  To help here’s a round-up of the best of FW’s growing crop of blogs:

The Charmer 

Some bizarre things happen in the countryside – but they don’t come much more bizarre than worm charming. We recently sent Stuart Clarke to take part in the World Wom Charming Championship. You can find out how he did through Field Day


A Mail Tale

The closure of rural post offices if of great concern to rural people. It’s particularly problematic for elderly people who rely on them for social and economic reasons. But FW columnist David Richardson has come up with a cunning plan which involves the big retailers.


In the Hot Seat

Would you want to see one of your tractors running 22 hours a day for 340 days a year. Because that is what is happening in the Ukraine as Charles Abel reveals on the Food For Thought blog.


Flower Power

Large-scale daffodil bulb production is probably a bit of an unknown area for most people. So FW columnist Matthew Naylor’s daily jottings on life on his farm in the Fens are truly illuminating. We also learn about about his Dad…



FW has carried a number of stories about exporting cattle in recent months, but hardly any about sheep. But a shipment of Poll Dorsets has just made it way to…well, I won’t spoil the surprise. Take a look at our Taking Stock blog to find out.


And finally…


What on earth is Homer Simpson doing in a field in Dorset? Is what he is doing legal? This snippet on Field Day is one for those of you that need a bit of light relief as you wait for things to dry up.


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