‘Britain’s biggest bull’ aims for record books

A Somerset farmer is hoping his giant bull will make it into the record books when it is weighed next month.

Arthur Duckett, of Burham-on-Sea, claims his eight-year-old Charolais, Field Marshall, is Britian’s biggest bovine.

The 6ft 5in bull will be weighed on a set of scales normally used by lorries as part of a charity “guess the weight” competition.

Last time he was weighed he tipped the scales at more than 3,500lbs, but Mr Duckett said Field Marshall is still growing and should weigh more this year.

Mr Duckett has challenged anyone who thinks they have a bigger bull to prove it by taking them to the contest which is to be held next month at North Petherton, Bridgwater, Somerset.

Mr Duckett bought the white steer four years ago and keeps him on a field at his farm in Alstone.

He has a history of rearing giant bovine – his 6ft 5in bull Colonel weighed 3500lb, while he also had a 5ft 6in Highland steer called the captain.

The weigh-in comes as Britain’s tallest Freisian steer, Chilli, was put to sleep because of arthritis caused by its massive frame.