Britain’s Sexiest Farmer: Meet the male winner

Meet Graeme Moon, winner of Britain’s Sexiest Farmer 2014. He’s a hard-working pig farmer from Glastonbury, who’s “quite shy behind the confident persona”.

Asked how he reacted to making the shortlist, Glastonbury pig farmer Graeme says: “With shock and awe”.

The 31-year-old dad-of-two – who describes himself as “a bit of a joker, a hard worker and quite shy behind the outgoing and confident persona” – was nominated by his wife, Samantha.

She did it for a bit of fun, but Graeme was soon gathering votes – not to mention getting “plenty of ribbing” from friends.

“I didn’t think at any point I was going to win,” says Graeme, whose family pig unit has 380 sows and 4,000 fatteners. “I’m becoming quite the local celeb!” he laughs.

He studied a photography-related course at uni then, after a spell travelling, worked as a photographer and did some teaching before going back full-time to the farm about five years ago.

“I love it. You can’t beat farming. It’s so rewarding – especially seeing the livestock coming through.”

He’s involved in all aspects of the business, but combines his creativity and practical skills to particularly good effect when it comes to building work and welding. “I like creating stuff out of steel – making something that lasts forever.”

Five questions for Graeme

1. Last book you read? On the Road by Jack Kerouac.

2. Favourite meal? Steak (medium rare).

3. Favourite tipple? Jack Daniels.

4. What makes you angry? Not doing a job properly. My motto is: Do it once, do it properly.

5. Last time you cried? Watching The Iron Giant.

Gok Wan says…

Have you seen the smile on this boy? It could melt a thousand hearts.Gok Wan

But don’t forget those killer eyes and strong brows, which anyone would love to meet across a crowded… milking parlour.

Definitely a man with a rugged charisma and that boy-next-door charm, which makes the gals weak at the knees.

Oh, and look at those muscles and lovely forearms – he looks like he could throw a bale or two around!

Graeme’s optimistic about the future of agriculture and plans to use his new-found fame to bang the drum for farming – particularly the importance of the public buying British.“I’d love to see British consumers being a bit more patriotic, like in France,” he says. “We are a country that’s based on farmers. As a nation, we need to look after our farmers – after all, we’re feeding the country.”

As for his advice for youngsters considering agriculture as a career. “Get as much experience as possible and learn how to weld. If you can weld, you’re invaluable to any farmer.”

Meanwhile, proud wife Samantha points out: “What the hundreds of thousands of visitors to the biggest music festival in Europe don’t know is that grafting in the quiet fields neighbouring Glastonbury is Britain’s sexiest farmer.

“He stands out from the crowd with his 6ft 3in frame and dark hair, uses his piercing blue eyes to spot machinery faults, applies his muscular physique to building barns, and works long hours to ensure all the animals’ needs are met.

“Above all, he is an inspiration to his son, who loves nothing more than spending time with his daddy.”

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