Children venture out to the country

Over 1000 children from 18 schools in Leicestershire will take part in a farm open day on 27 June to learn more about what happens in the countryside.

In a visit organised by farm manager Ken Grimsdell in conjunction with the regional branch of the NFU, the children
will take a specially designed adventure route around Burton Fields Farm at Hinkley, where volunteers will explain what activities take place on-farm.

Each child will also receive an educational pack to take home.

The event will be attended by a number of industry bodies.

Processors such as Arla foods, Centaur Grain, Frontier Grain, British Sugar and Vivaldi potatoes will describe what happens to produce when it leaves the farm.

Others such as ADM will explain the role of oil from crops and the growing contribution farming can make in producing crops for biofuels.

The event will also feature Agrovista, which will explode the myths surrounding the misuse of pesticides by demonstrating the small quantities that are applied to a hectare.

Conservation groups BASC and FWAG, as well as the local hunt, will explain why it’s necessary to control some wildlife species and how conservation works in practice.

Others willing to be involved should contact Mr Grimsdell at 01455 220 405.

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