City-bound after two unforgettable years

20-year-old Harriet Wilson is studying for a BSc in Agri-Food Marketing with Business at Harper Adams

My last two weeks have been spent travelling to and from London with my soon-to-be flat mate, Joe Harrell.

We have seen some awful properties on our travels. Seriously, words could just not do some of them justice. We booked an appointment with one particular estate agent who took us through the back of their office, moved several tyres and old sofas to enable us to exit through an alleyway and took us to a flat above a pub. “There are good things and bad things about all properties” he said, “the bad point about this flat is that the toilet is in the kitchen”. At least Harrell could multitask while on the toilet and cooking his tea perhaps?

It has certainly been stressful and, although we have no furniture yet, I am happy to say that we’ve put a deposit down on a lovely apartment in Mill Hill, north London. By the time you read this I will already be a London resident, but Joe and I are not alone as many of our friends are starting placements in the South too. One thing we are determined to do is spend a weekend in Chelsea so my friend Hannah can finally hook up with Made in Chelsea star, Jamie.

Second year has gone in a flash and while cleaning out the blocked shower in our student house last week, I reminisced about the laughs we have had over this year. Karaoke Thursdays, the Feline Fort and their cheese and wine extravaganza, the Agric Block Fixture, meeting the Wurzels, Student Union initiations, the course dinner, the Wednesday nights… the list really is endless.

My next thought when I was looking down at the plughole was “Gosh, how have four girls made this much mess?” I think Summer Ball was the answer to that one. The 12-hour-long “Seven Deadly Sins” themed party was wet, muddy and quite incredible. The boys took great pleasure sliding across the mud, usually taking a girl with them. Perhaps a white dress was not my best idea.

Looking back to 2010, I couldn’t wait to finish sixth form and finally begin student life at Harper Adams University College. Mum was desperate for me to keep an open mind and took me to look at other colleges, but being surrounded by current and past Harper students at Young Farmers, my decision had been set in stone for a long time. After two years I can say with certainty that I made the right decision.

I have met so many amazing people and had some great laughs; it’s like a second family and there is nowhere like it. But let’s not forget the social life, which is second to none. The legendary “Harper Spirit” runs throughout the college and believe me, even though we work hard, we certainly know how to play hard.

The work placement year is one of main reasons I chose Harper Adams and I will be spending my placement year working for McDonald’s as their agriculture co-ordinator. I feel very privileged to be entering into an industrial placement with such a well-known and successful international company. This is such a fantastic opportunity and hopefully a chance to widen my knowledge of the supply chain, gain valuable corporate experience, understanding of other agricultural sectors and I look forward to applying knowledge gained at university in my placement year.

I would just like to finish by saying that I hope you have enjoyed reading my column. I have certainly enjoyed writing them over the past two years and I have enjoyed being the Farmers Weekly Girl even more so.

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