Clarkson’s Farm 2 prompts mass support for British farming

After many months in the making, Clarkson’s Farm has returned with a second series, prompting a public outpouring of support for British farming – and outrage against government red tape.

Headed by presenter-turned-farmer Jeremy Clarkson, the Prime Video series has been praised for highlighting the unseen realities of British farming.

It has captivated both town and rural audiences alike with tales of harvest losses, the constraints of bovine TB on businesses, legislative red tape and planning battles with local council.

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Since Clarkson’s Farm 2 was released on Friday 10 February, viewers have flocked to social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, to hail the series’ success – with many expressing their newfound support for the British farmers. 

Touching on an issue affecting many farmers across the country, the fourth episode shows former Top Gear host Mr Clarkson learning about bovine TB and vet Dilwyn Evans explaining that the disease can be spread by badgers.

But while the disease can also be spread by deer and foxes, badgers are a protected species and may only be culled under licence.

Jeremy Clarkson with cattle

© Ellis O’Brien/Prime Video

One viewer took to Twitter and said: “Watching Clarkson’s Farm is so frustrating. It demonstrates what a nonsense this country is.

“Watching badgers spread TB and wipe out farmers because they were protected in the 1980s to stop badger baiting which no longer exists is ridiculous. A country of pointless red tape.”

Another user added: “I started watching Clarkson’s Farm 2 last night. I was shocked that the tax payer is paying over £150m to compensate the bovine TB problem.”

West Oxfordshire District Council has also come under fire from viewers, who have accused the body of wasting tax payers money and thwarting farm business diversifications.

Clarkson’s Farm 2 once again showing the struggles bureaucracy and absolute b*****ks our UK farmers face everyday whilst trying to earn a living and support families,” one Twitter user said. 

Another viewer added: “Cannot see @OxfordshireCC coming off well after Clarkson’s Farm. Nimbyism at its absolute finest. Shocking use of taxpayers money.”

But the series has also been criticised for demonstrating a cavalier attitude towards farm safety, including scenes of Mr Clarkson being precariously suspended in the air in machinery being operated by his right-hand man, Kaleb Cooper. 

Kaleb Cooper and Jeremy Clarkson in field

Kaleb Cooper with Jeremy Clarkson © Ellis O’Brien/Prime Video

Commenting on the series, a spokesman for the Health and Safety Executive said: “We are aware of some concerns made about the programme and the image it portrays of poor risk management in farming. As a result enquiries are being made.

“Falling while working at height remains one of the largest causes of farming workplace deaths. Many more people are seriously injured and are left unable to work.

“Sadly, each incident has a devastating impact on the farm, families, and the wider farming community, yet controls are well known and straightforward to implement.”

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