College Calendar : Adam Bedford 12/11/04

IT”S GOOD, this student thing. How it works is you get three months holiday for summer, go back to college for four weeks, then it’s time for another week off. Now we’re back after half-term, and I, for one, am looking bleary eyed at a noticeboard gradually filling with assignments – great stuff, ay?

Land managers tend to get Wednesdays off on their timetable, too, whereas Agriculture students have Mondays and Fridays free. So its long weekends for the farmers then…

Tups have been in earlier for some of the local farmers who have Askham students for lambing duties, as Easter holidays will be about a fortnight earlier this time.

Back at the farm, Apr 1 is the usual start date, but this year it should be around Mar 20, so I should be set up for another Easter of lambing duty and milk delivery.

The beef unit at college should be home to cows soon, with building work about finished. It could be eventful if someone leaves a gate open, as the new building is right next to the student car park.

Any potential escapees could have a great time among student cars, and then we could have a good game deciding which dents and scratches were actually already there.

Also, Mr Ofsted Inspector and his mates rolled up at college in the first week of November. I think they were checking on the shininess of everyone’s shoes, or something like that anyway.

The bar seems busy; with the Hallowe’en party being good for a laugh. Lots of people went in fancy dress, and the grim reaper even showed up to serve behind the bar.

Charity shops are always good for fancy dress up stuff; my £2.99 extra large black shirt and black cape for 99p were fine for a vampire.

I did learn two things though: that it’s impossible to drink a pint with plastic fangs in and that fake blood stays on for two days after application, no matter how many times you wash your face. I’m going for the mask option next year.