Columnist competition winner revealed

The potential prize of your very own column in Farmlife prompted nearly 200 readers to enter our competition by penning 500 words on either ‘What’s on my kitchen table’ or ‘What keeps me up at night’. The standard was so high we’ve ended up taking on two new columnists. You can read an extract from the first winner’s entry below

Winner: Bobbi Mothersdale from York

Bobbi LowtherWhat is needed to manage this abundance of food is clearly an efficient housekeeper. That is where I fall down. My good intentions to label everything before it goes into the freezer are usually only that. Intentions. So what is on our table is frequently a mystery until defrosted. Adds that enigmatic element to meal times, I maintain.

It can mean we have duck three days running. Or plum pie and chips. Or lead poisoning from all that shot. Who knows?

Each year when the shooting season starts, or there is a fruit and vegetable glut, I think I will have to get either another freezer or husband, as there does not seem to be enough room for both in the pantry. Think what I really need is a pack of labels and a permanent marker pen…

Extracts from some of the other entries we recieved can be found in the 21 June edition of Farmers Weekly. You can subscribe to our new Farmers Weekly iPad edition, take out a print subscription, or both.

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