Commercial contenders – Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery Commercial

Engine 2.7-litre 193hp engine gives V8-style power with little noise, though (strangely) chugs like Thomas the Tank Engine at tickover. Despite more power than Godzilla, the 2.75t weight of the vehicle means progress is sedate rather than searingly speedy.

land rover discovery interior

Gearbox Everything slips into place nicely, though reverse can occasionally be a little reluctant to co-operate.

Noise Very little of it. Long journeys will leave you pretty calm and collected, whereas 120 miles in the Defender is a bit like two hours in the front row at an Iron Maiden concert.

Cab comfort Calm, civilised car-like stuff, with the self-levelling air suspension taking away all that unseemly leaning business at corners. A trifle wallowy, sometimes, but small bumps and other road imperfections are almost totally ironed out.

land rover discovery load space

Load area Huge load area accessed by two-part door. Clever sliding tailgate stops small stuff falling through. The cubbyholes from the regular Discovery are retained, so there’s somewhere to put small items that would otherwise rattle around. No-mans- land between backs of seats and bulkhead looks ideal for losing things in.

Load area dimensions 163cm long. Width 142cm at widest, 115cm at narrowest. Height 95cm. Loading height 72cm.


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