Dairy Event’s move ‘not a disaster for RASE’

The decision to move the Dairy Event from Stoneleigh is disappointing, but not a disaster, the Royal Agricultural Society of England has said.

Hugh Oliver-Bellasis, RASE chairman, said he was “not bothered” about the loss of revenue that the RABDF paid to hold to show at the site.

Instead, he was more concerned about producing events which were appealing and useful to the industry.

“I would be stupid not to be concerned about events leaving Stoneleigh,” he said. “But the Dairy Event is one of a number of shows, and if the RABDF wishes to pull out that’s fine. It’s their decision.

“We will continue to look at alternative shows on the site, which will deliver for the industry.”

Mr Oliver-Bellasis said discussions were under way to bring replacement livestock shows to the site and he was “optimistic” he would be able to discuss plans for new shows at the Royal Show next month.

“The presentation of a livestock show, though popular with the public, is very expensive,” he said. “One has to think carefully about how they could be put together before we embark on it.

“As I have said before, we are very happy to discuss with anyone which shows will work and which won’t.”