Examples of people they’ve helped

Crisis support
RABI was contacted by the local NFU about a family whose farm and house had been flooded. RABI helped the family with an emergency grant towards their domestic expenses, easing the pressure at such a difficult time. An FCN volunteer visited and helped the family to fill in an application form to the ARC-Addington Fund for a grant to help with the extra cost of feeding the animals brought in from flooded land. The FCN volunteer provided practical help and support for the family as they began the clear-up operation.

Elderly relatives
A referral was made by a farm vet who was worried about his client, and suggested he put him in touch with someone who could help. An FCN volunteer visited the farm, and it became clear that the farmer was trying to juggle running the business with looking after his elderly mother and was just unable to cope. The FCN volunteer was able to find some help with the farm paperwork (the farmer’s mother had been doing it until she became ill). RABI accepted his mother for long-term financial support and their regional welfare officer helped them claim the state benefits they had been missing out on. Now able to pay for extra care, the pressure on the farmer was eased so he could concentrate on the farm. With the support from FCN and RABI he was able to return to a stable situation. The farmer said “After their visits I had the first good night’s sleep I’ve had for months – they have made all the difference.”

A farmer’s wife called the FCN helpline. She and her husband were worried about the farm as it was losing so much money and they were finding it increasingly difficult in their old age, but they couldn’t leave the farm because they would have no-where to go. An FCN volunteer visited the couple who were in their sixties and the farmer was in poor health. Over the following months a friendship developed and the couple were able to talk together with the volunteer about their wish to leave the farm but feeling trapped as tenants without the prospect of somewhere else to live. The volunteer helped them to make an application to the ARC-Addington Fund Rural Housing Scheme, which was successful. The couple were able to plan an orderly exit from the farm, knowing that they had a house nearby to move into and remain in their community thanks to the ARC-Addington Fund.

Single Farm Payment
A farmer contacted FCN. His wife had been ill with cancer and she had previously been dealing with all the farm paperwork. As a result of her illness a mistake had been made on their annual Single Payment Scheme application form, and they had not received the payment they were due. An FCN volunteer visited and helped him to get all his paperwork together before contacting the RPA on his behalf. After a couple of weeks of liaising with the RPA, the farmer received his payment in full. RABI were able to help with some extra facilities in the house for his wife and to get the benefits they were entitled to. The couple have said “Within a few hours of the first visit, they had eased our stress and offered practical support. We cannot thank them enough for what they have done for us.”

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