‘Extreme Shepherding’ – the story behind the video

One of the farmer stars of an ‘Extreme Shepherding’ video that has had nearly 3m views on YouTube has said he is absolutely delighted by the response.

The video, produced by Samsung to advertise LED TVs, features a flock of sheep fitted with LED lights, which are then herded to recreate a fireworks display, a version of the Mona Lisa and a computer game of tennis.

Bernard ‘The General’ Llewellyn from Carreg Cennen Castle in Carmarthenshire said that he had been asked to get involved with the filming of the viral video because he had supplied animals for films before.

The film makers had also been keen to find a vantage point overlooking a hillside, so they could film the sheep as they moved across it.

Mr Llewellyn said originally the film makers had wanted to get actors involved, but they agreed in the end that it would be easier if the people involved knew how to handle sheep.

“We filmed it in the middle of February and it took two very full days for them to get all the footage. We used about 300 sheep and put LED coats on about 100 of them. They told us what their ultimate scenario was and we tried to achieve it – but they have enhanced it digitally as well.

“Everyone is surprised and delighted by the response – it has just captured the imagination. I have had calls from all over the world from friends asking ‘Is that you?’”

Mr Llewellyn, who is also NFU Cymru’s rural affairs board chairman, added: “I was pleased by the response, as we get so much bad press [as farmers]. It is nice to see life beyond that and we had fun doing it. If things work, you get a lot of satisfaction.

“They are talking about it being one of the biggest video hits of the year. We’ve even got a film crew from Boston, USA flying over next week.”

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