Farmer film seeks cash backers

Time is running out for farmer Steve Hook and his herd of “moo-vie” stars to secure the £20,000 needed to bring them to a big screen near you.

The knockout film of the Sundance Film Festival premieres in Hailsham, the cinema nearest to the East Sussex herd on July 12. But Steve and his producers desperately need to raise cash to ensure the documentary’s national release.

“Most other cinemas – even the independents – won’t look at us unless we can provide a film trailer and marketing materials, which is why we’re asking members of the public to back the film through a crowd-funding mechanism called Kickstarter,” explains cameraman Andy Heathcote.

Audiences can invest from £5 each to put leading lady Ida’s name up in lights. In return, they get to download one of her gentle bellows as a ringtone. Bigger investors have a choice of “thank you” packages from the cows.

Kickstarter projects are strictly time-limited and Steve and his co-stars from Longleys Farm must hit their fundraising target by June 12 if they are to succeed.

“If we don’t, we get nothing and there will be no chance of getting it out to a much wider audience,” says Andy. “That would be very disappointing because entertaining as it is, the movie has a very important message about family farms… The cows would be upset, too!”

You can help make “moo-vie” history by going to the Kickstarter website and searching for The Moo Man.

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