Farmer Frank has all the answers – live

Have you got an issue that you find difficult to discuss? A farming matter perhaps, an affair of the heart, something to do with cash in these straitened times? Or maybe all three.

Well here’s your chance to get a unique perspective, because FW’s resident agony uncle Farmer Frank is to hold another “live surgery”.

This cult figure (he’s not qualified, not experienced and, according to some, not all there) has made a name for himself dispensing rural remedies.

He’s blunt (OK, occasionally offensive), politically incorrect and has the pragmatism of a true countryman.

He’ll be on our website between 6pm and 9pm on the evening of Thursday 21 May, waiting for your questions.

It’s simple – you simply go to the website, send him a question and he’ll answer it within a few minutes (you don’t need to register or anything).

This is a rare chance to communicate live with Farmer Frank. It’s not very often, after all, we get him on the website (he thought a mouse-mat was where rodents relaxed until recently).

Here are three examples of the Q&A exchanges that happened at his last live surgery:

Chris: Do you use a Mac or a PC to write your articles on?

FF: I use a PC, of course. A Mac is what strange men wear in the park.

Monkey asks: My aunty has a disgusting dog that seems beyond help – she regularly returns home to find food and wee all over the floor.

FF: How coincidental. My aunty faced a similar dilemma. Her dog wasn’t much better, either.

Pen asks: I have an interview for the post of farm manager next week. Any tips?

FF: Be prompt, be positive and be honest. There’s no substitute for research (particularly if you can find out some salacious gossip about the person who’s interviewing you because then you can blackmail them).

  • Visit fwi between 6pm and 9pm on Thursday May 21 to take part.

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