Farmer turns round bales into amazing giant emojis

They might sometimes come over a tad grumpy, but we all know farmers mostly have a tip-top sense of humour, even when things aren’t going their way.

This is a great fact that Angus farmer Fleur Baxter has reminded us of by creating these magnificent specimens.

Bales decorated as emojis © Fleur Baxter

© Fleur Baxter

To spread a little community cheer and get the locals grinning, Fleur decided to individually paint these round bales as a selection of giant emojis and stack them up in a field next to a B-road for all to see at East Hillhead Farm just outside Monikie.

Bales decorated as emojis © Fleur Baxter

© Fleur Baxter

She said it was intended as a little laugh on a very dreary and wet day in Scotland.

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“I know it’s a bit unhinged, but life is too serious and too short,” said Fleur.

Although it’s desperately altruistic, I just love seeing children in particular thinking that it’s all quite hilarious.”

This brilliantly creative pastime is now becoming something of a regular occurrence, she admits. 

Last year, Fleur turned bales into Pokémon and she now has an idea to do something special to mark Remembrance Sunday next month.

In the past, she has also used bale art to campaign for Scotland to remain part of the UK.

“Back at the time of the Scottish independence referendum I was asked to put a sign up on the farm,” she explains.

“I felt really strongly about this as I’m an English girl married to a Scotsman, so I made two huge Minions, one carrying the Saltire and one the Union flag.

Bales decorated as emojis © Fleur Baxter

© Fleur Baxter

“I do actually have a proper job, this is all just a bit of fun,” she says.

Fleur is a former veterinary nurse who’s now running the farm office, while teaching horse riding and she is in the process of setting up her own business.

Make sure you always have some time to create more brilliant bale art Fleur, we think they’re brilliant!

Bales decorated as minions © Fleur Baxter

© Fleur Baxter

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