Farmers get the best night’s sleep of anyone, says survey

If you’re working in the agriculture industry (let’s face it, if you’re reading this then you probably are), then good news – you’re lucky enough to have the great night’s sleep that most people would kill for, apparently.

We reckon a few of our readers who are currently on lambing duties might have something to say about this, but it’s the outcome of research which shows there’s a link between your job and the quality of your shut-eye.

The survey of 3,000 UK adults found that two-thirds of people who work in the environment and agriculture sector rate their quality of kip as either excellent or very good.

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More than half of those working in agriculture said they get a “very good” night’s sleep, while 14% rated their slumber as “excellent”.

“Our results show that the Environment and Agriculture industries get the best night’s sleep by a long way, which suggests that working outdoors and in natural sunlight is highly beneficial for your body clock,” said a spokesperson.

We reckon this probably has something to do with how hard farmers work and the number of hours graft they’re clocking, meaning they’re sufficiently worn out once it’s finally time to hit the hay.

Over a quarter (28%) of all those who took part in the survey, which was conducted on behalf of Carpetright (who also sell beds, incase you didn’t know), said they were not satisfied with the quality of sleep they get.

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