Farmers offered free health check at machinery shows

Farmers venturing to machinery shows around Yorkshire in the coming weeks can take advantage of a free health check while at the events.

Co-ordinated by the Yorkshire Rural Support Network, the health checks will take place in January and February 2018 in Harrogate, Doncaster and York.

The network organises nurses to carry out free health checks for farmers with health concerns and is funded by the Yorkshire Agricultural Society.

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Farmers can get their free health check at any of these shows:

  • Wednesday 10 January Ripon Farm Services Open Day, the Great Yorkshire Showground
  • Thursday 11 January FarmStar Open Day, Marr, near Doncaster
  • Wednesday 7 February Yorkshire Agricultural Machinery Show, York Auction Centre, York

“It can be an isolating profession and farmers are usually the last ones to put themselves first. We know they would rather take their animal to the vet than make time to get themselves checked by the doctor, so we bring the medic to them,” said Kate Dale, who runs the Yorkshire Rural Support Network and is a partner in her own farming business.

“The checks continue to be popular and now with an increasing number of younger people seeking a check up they often flag up a significant number of physical and mental issues requiring further investigation.

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