Farmers Weekly readers share Valentines messages

Farmers aren’t renowned for romantic gestures, but it seems Farmers Weekly readers are the exception to the rule.

Dozens of you got in touch wanting to declare your feelings in the pages of your favourite ag mag for Valentine’s Day – here are a selection of our favourites:

Love letters
To Charlee Ellis, thank you for choosing this young farmer to share your life with and for all the happiness you have brought. So Miss Ellis, will you be my Valentine? Your britishagri. #TEAMDAIRY
Face, Big love and stuff. Woogie Wooglet.
For Andrew Williams of Pant Y Cwcw, Usk, Monmouthshire. Will you be my Valentine this year and every year? I love you very much (and the cattle too!) All my love always, Jess xx
Dear Richard, hopefully you’ll keep me around as long as your back issues of FW… XoXo Jacks
To Katie. Masseys are red, New Hollands are blue, not long now, till I can marry you! From StarTrek
Roses are red, violets are blue,
But who does flowers? Not me nor you.
A sale-end hat for 50p,
Is a welcome surprise from hubby to me.
Our story began in a local bar,
A rendezvous in a clapped-out car.
City girl dressed up at ease,
Met farmer guy all oil and grease.
Peas in a pod? More chalk and cheese!
Opposites attract it must be true,
For no one captured my heart like you.
But if truth be told I’d rather you would
Be a bit more romantic (if only you could).
The perfect evening if I was in luck
An early night and a bloody good… book.
Happy Valentine’s day to my lovely husband, Alexander Laing of Honeyburn Farm. Thank you for making me happy, love Lindsey. PS: Sorry for embarrassing you in front of all your really cool farmer friends.
To Iona Bryson, happy Valentine’s. Although we have known each other for less than a year the past eight months have felt like a lifetime and I hope it turns into a lifetime together. Love, Matt
For my lovely wife Jules, without whose support I’d be lost and wouldn’t be the husband, father and #TeamDairy Farmer that I am today.
Dear Mark of Buckinghamshire. 25+ years of being together, deciding will we or won’t we? But after all these years, we’ve just got to do it… have a quality Aberdeen Angus bull and get the premium. Love always, her at home doing the shepherding. xxx
To Neill, if I got as much attention as that tractor I would be one happy lady! Happy Valentine’s Day handsome! Love Rach xxx
To my darling Malcolm, happy Valentine’s Day. All my love now and always, Trina xxx
Pritch, I love you more than you love Wispa Gold, more than you could ever be told. I love you more than cows and pigs and more than anyone has ever loved figs (eeeww, they are yucky). I love you more than crackers and cheese, will you be my Valentine, please? x
To Liz, you are still my Valentine after 29 years and I love you even more. Love, Graham (Ipswich)
Darling Tess, will you be my Valentine? All the love in the world, Batey x
I love you all the sheep in the field,
All the slugs in the fodder beet too.
All the times I (don’t) clean,
All the oil in a huge machine,
I love you so much I could squish you!
All the spanners in a toolbox,
All the muck we need to spread,
And all the water where the grass should be
That’s how much you’re loved by me!
To my gorgeous boyfriend Dafydd, love you!! Charlie
Bunny, I love you more than ever! It’s true, you do deserve a medal! Your special little Bug xx

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