Farming charities merge to extend rural support offering

Two well-known farming charities, the Addington Fund and Forage Aid, have joined forces to extend their support network to farmers and farmworkers most in need.

The Addington Fund, which provides housing, disaster relief and young entrants’ support, will now offer greater provisions for on-farm disaster relief under the Forage Aid brand.

This includes providing feed and bedding to livestock farmers to alleviate suffering caused by natural disasters and unforeseen weather events. Since it was founded in 2013, Forage Aid has helped 137 farmers with 423 loads of feed and bedding, with a combined value of £821,000. 

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Addington Fund chairman Peter Jinman said: “We welcome the opportunity to collaborate, pool resources, combine networks and enhance our offering, which will in turn benefit those in need within our farming communities.

“With the increasing challenges that farmers and farmworkers face, we’re delighted that Addington will be able to offer a wider network of practical support.”

By combining the two charities, it is hoped that the unified organisation will be a “one-stop shop” to assist those in rural communities who are experiencing hardship, with provisions to help with housing, elderly care, young persons’ support schemes, farmworker grants and disaster relief.

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