Farming podcasts to listen to while working on the farm

If you’re spending seemingly endless hours on the combine, toing and froing carting grain or beavering around the yard this summer, you could probably do with a good podcast to feed your mind.

The great news is there is a rich selection of podcasts to inform, educate and entertain you as you go about your working day.

We’ve tuned in to find the best picks for farmers, whatever they’re looking for in a good listen.

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The Farmers Weekly Podcast

Listen to The Farmers Weekly Podcast for a special look at the top news affecting UK agriculture.

Each week our chief reporter Johann Tasker and Surrey farmer Hugh Broom delve behind the headlines – with comment, analysis and discussion from farmers and industry leaders.

Check out all the episodes so far and find the podcast on Spotify, Google and Apple.

Rock & Roll Farming

Get to know your fellow farmers with FW columnist Will Evans’ popular podcast. Once you the skip the first 30 seconds of adverts, you’ll hit a head-banging burst of rock ‘n’ roll before Will’s wonderfully Welsh voice welcomes you.

An absolute natural podcaster, beef, arable and poultry farmer Will has been banging out multiple podcasts a month since the start of 2018. We’re not quite sure where he finds the time, either.

The podcasts are focused on UK food producers, as Will chats to farmers and others working in agriculture to share stories from the incredible characters and industry we love. 

Episodes are usually about an hour long, making them an ideal listen  cracking on with those long, monotonous jobs. He does sometimes throw in shorter, bonus episodes too.


Did you know the AHDB has been popping out podcasts regularly since late 2016? Neither did we. 

As you’d expect from a levy-funded body that covers all areas of agriculture and horticulture in the UK, the AHDB podcast is jam-packed with everything from the latest grain market intel to DIY artificial insemination and writing a farm business plan.

Each podcast lasts about 15 minutes to half an hour, depending on the focus, making them bitesize and digestible while on the go.

Episodes often feature a range of experts from the AHDB family, with the odd appearance from farmers, NFU representatives and researchers from across the globe.

BBC Farming Today

If you enjoy the daily Farming Today programme on BBC Radio 4, but also crave a crafty lie-in, your prayers have been answered.

Listen to the programme on demand in podcast form, without the need to deprive yourself of a kip beyond 5.45am on weekdays. 

From barley disease to bovine TB and Brexit, Farming Today has it covered, with several short news packages sandwiched together to create a daily news download in under 15 minutes.

The Pasture Pod

As the self-proclaimed “Number one farming podcast in the Forgandenny parish” in Perthshire, Pasture Pod offers listeners a thoroughly enjoyable blend of farming voices, hardcore advice and humour in a refreshingly unpolished audio package.

Brought to you by Scottish sheep farmer and Nuffield Scholar Michael Blanche, this podcast seeks to venture into the minds of other farmers, glean some profitability “nuggets” and inject plenty of farming banter along the way – something Michael is a master of.

Sometimes accompanied by his talking sheepdog Mo, Michael meets up with fellow farmers to discuss what drives and motivates them and find out how they turn a profit.

Episodes have been released roughly every other month since June 2017. They typically go on for a couple of hours, making them the perfect accompaniment to those seemingly endless jobs. 

Be warned though, if you’re not a fan of swearing, unusual homemade songs and dad jokes then you may want to avert your ears.

How to listen

Find all of these farming podcasts on Spotify, the Apple podcast app for iPhones or most Android apps, such as Castbox, Google Podcasts or Pocket Casts.

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