7 farm cats from our photo competition gallery

There’s still time to enter our photo competition to win £250 and get your photo into Farmers Weekly magazine’s Christmas edition.

There are eight categories: Machinery, Livestock, Landscapes, People, Wildlife, Pets, Black and white, and Young photographer.

See the Photo Competition 2018 to enter or just browse the photos so far.

We’ve showcased some of the dogs from the Pets category, and now it’s time for the cats.

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This tabby knows how to find a warm place to sleep for the winter

From Lucy Bywaters

There’s a very disgruntled dog somewhere…

Cat in dog's bed from Elizabeth Cliff

From Elizabeth Cliff

Is it just me or does it seem like there’s too many paws?

Cat paws from under glass table by Elizabeth Cliff

From Elizabeth Cliff

Tiring business, this mousing

From Georgia Warris

Yawing cat by Georgia Warris

Living in the countryside is just the best

Cat sniffing plant by Rachel Robson

From Rachel Robson

Go on. Stroke my stomach if you dare!

Stretching cat by Sadie Champion

From Sadie Champion