Farm selfies: Farmers kick off 2018 with a smile

As a bit of fun to usher in the new year, we’ve been asking you to send in your farming selfies and sharing our favourites on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

True to form our brilliant readers have delivered and then some – we’ve literally been flooded with cracking photos of farmers striking a pose while out at work.

Much like Kim Kardashian’s rear end, we’re worried that sharing all of your farm selfies at once might break the internet.

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While we are trying our best to use as many of the hundreds that we’ve received to date, we can’t guarantee that every single one will be featured.

Don’t let this put you off sending them in though. We can assure you that we look at all of them and we love how our readers are into the farm selfie craze.

We’ve picked out some of our absolute favourite farm selfies so far. Enjoy!

Vickie Gillespie selfie

Vickie Gillespie with her little Saddleback piglet called Brute.

Tom Beeby selfie

Tom Beeby from Nottinghamshire with Speckles the ewe.

Sam Atkinson selfie

Sam Atkinson from North Yorkshire took this selfie with a calf just a few hours after it was born.

Robyn Westcott selfie

Robyn Westcott and Joyful the pedigree British Blonde having a snooze in a field somewhere near Exmoor in Somerset.

Send us your farming snapshots

Keep your farming photos coming in – we really can’t get enough of them. It’s really easy to submit yours – simply email, send them on Whatsapp (message 07881 803 480) or via direct message on the Farmers Weekly Facebook page.

Be sure to send your photos in as high resolution as possible – the higher the better for print quality. They can be cute, funny, romantic – pretty much anything goes (within reason).

Not only is there a chance they will appear in the magazine and on our website in our regular Farmlife Framed feature, there’s a chance they could be shared on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages and go viral.

Kraig Kerr selfie

Kraig Kerr from Aberdour in Scotland doesn’t look too sure about this peck on the cheek.

Ian Jones selfie

Right in the chops! A great action shot farm selfie by Ian Jones from Wrexham.

Hannah Davis selfie

We think Hannah Davis is secretly enjoying this a little bit.

Greig Hayes selfie

Chick flick. Here’s Greig Hayes from Surrey with Henietta the Rhode Island Red Bantam.

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Emma Johnson selfie

Emma Johnson from Shropshire grabbing a cheeky selfie with the beautiful Martha.

Azz Dodd selfie

Azz Dodd from Abergele in Wales sent in this pig portrait.

Andrew Carter selfie

Here’s Andrew Carter from Somerset with his cow, affectionately known as “cow dog” as she follows him around the farm and comes running when he calls.