Farmlife Framed: Farm pups, little farmers and wedding bales

We’re incredibly lucky to be sent loads of photos by our enthusiastic readers, who are always keen to share snapshots of their farming lives with us.

From the scenic and the serious to the fun and the funny, your pictures are a great insight into agriculture and rural living across the UK – and further afield – and we can’t get enough of them.

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This time we’re sharing 11 reader snaps of matches, youngsters, farm animals and autumn land preparation.

It’s always good to start them young. Here’s Trigger, the eight-week-old puppy excited for his weekly FW fix. Lizzie Smith send this one in from Worcestershire.

Trigger the puppy and FW

Hannah Adams uploaded this wonderful photo of two-and-a-half-year-old Hugo Adams overseeing harvest progress at Norcross and Son Ltd near Whisby in Lincolnshire. 

Hugo Adams

Robert Hughes took this brilliant shot while out checking the cows at sunset in the Eden Valley in Cumbria.

Sunset cows in Cumbria

Stef Bennet shared this sunny photo with us. “I’m currently quite heavily pregnant and took some time to chill in the field with our dairy herd in the sunshine,” she says.

“The sound of cows munching on the grass in the sunshine really is one of the happiest sounds.”

Cows in field

This beautiful Roe Deer having an early morning scratch was taken near Lincoln by Gregory Scott.

Roe deer

Tom Smith stopped for a quick photo while going over some ploughed land in preparation for autumn drilling in East Yorkshire.

Land preparation

Congratulations to newlyweds James and Francesca Leaning. The couple got hitched on the family farm in Northamptonshire in the midst of August harvest madness.

This fantastic bale sculpture was made by the bride’s brother Chris Page and friend John Hutchinson.

James and Francesca Leaning wedding bales

4-year-old little farmer Sam waiting for the tractors to arrive back in the field. Jessica Carmichael uploaded this one.

Sam reading FW

Helen Bird shared this cheeky photo of Ernie, one of her favourite calves on the farm.

Ernie the calf

Emma Walsh took this gorgeous shot of her Cocker Spaniel Joey, enjoying his first harvest season, who has kept her company as she carted wheat in Rochester, Kent.

Springer spaniel puppy and combine

Donna Coates took this photo of her four-year-old daughter Scarlett, who loves the farm life. She enjoys spending time with the animals, especially the farm’s tup shearlings.

Scarlett Coates and tups

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