Farmlife Framed: Farmers, family and four-legged friends

Welcome to Farmers Weekly’s photo series – Farmlife Framed. We’re incredibly lucky to be sent loads of photos by our enthusiastic readers, who are always keen to share snapshots of their farming lives with us.

From the scenic and the serious to the fun and the funny, your pictures are a great insight into agriculture and rural living across the UK – and further afield – and we can’t get enough of them.

This time we are sharing reader snaps of farmers, their children and their favourite four-legged friends.

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Harvest hero

Meet combining legend Arthur Widdowson (centre). He started combining in 1964 on a Volvo Bagger combine. He is now 88 years old and still combining using a Claas 620 Lexion.

Francesca Ward (right) says: “He seems to be somewhat of a local hero – he combines for a lot of the local farmers around us.

“And even though he’s lived in our area for many years, it was the first time he had been to our farm and he saved us right at the last minute before the wet weather came. I think had he not gotten to us, we would probably have lost the entire crop.”

Arthur Widdowson and Francesca Ward next to a combine harvester

Here, Arthur is with his son Joseph Widdowson and Francesca’s friend Eve during the harvest in Troway, Derbyshire.

Favourite calf

Holly Robinson sent in this brilliant photo of her favourite Friesian heifer calf going in for a big lick.

Heifer calf licking camera

18-year-old Holly works on a dairy farm in Somerset and studies at the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

Springer and Westies of Wales

Dogs on the farm c Amy Watkins

Amy Watkins from mid-Wales sent in these lovely photos of her spaniel Lina playing with two little West Highland Terriers called Barney and Charlie.

Dogs on the farm c Amy Watkins

Super cute five-year-old spaniel Lina also has her own Instagram page, if you’d like to give her a follow

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Welshpool wedding

Proud dad Bryan Gittins had the pleasure of driving his newly married daughter Kate and her husband Adam to the family farm in Powys for their wedding reception.

For the big day Bryan attached a trailer to his newly restored Massey Fergusson 65 and chauffeured the newly-weds back from the church.

Bryan Gittins driving MF65 tractor with newly-weds in a trailer

This beautiful little tractor was bought for £850 by Bryan’s father in 1962 and has always worked on the 140ha farm.

They all farm together at Lower Sylfaen near Welshpool. Congratulations to the happy couple.

Dogs love FW too, you know

That’s right, our canine friends like to read Farmers Weekly just as much as we do.

Dog reading farmers weekly

Here we have Alfie the scruffy Jack Russell terrier proving this very point. He lives on a Nottinghamshire arable farm and when he’s not catching up with all the latest farming news and advice, he loves pinching cricket balls.

Kelpie help on the farm

Kelpie sheep dog with sheep

The definition of happiness in a picture here. This is Tess the Kelpie helping Nick Sinden draft lambs in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

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Puppies on the farm

“Right, you two just stay there while I check on the sheep.”

Thomas Parry, a 22-year-old Welsh beef, sheep and poultry farmer based in the Breacon Beacons, sent this one in.

Jack Russell puppies

This is Thomas’ Jack Russell, Minnie, with her two young puppies Celyn and Betty, out and about on the farm.

Trading places

Ever feel like you are not meant to be somewhere? The look that Kerry the Collie dog is giving little Islay Montgomery’s pet lamb Skippy says it all. Skippy doesn’t look too phased, though.

Sheep dog looking at lamb in boot of car c Mary Montgomery

Islay lives with her family on the Isle of Skye and she wants to be a vet when she grows up.

Festive Farmers Weekly

We think somebody’s getting in the Christmas spirit nice and early. This is seven-month-old Max, who has got all dressed up as a cute little Christmas pudding to read his Farmers Weekly.

Baby Max dressed as a Christmas pudding reading Farmers Weekly

Nap time after milking

We all secretly like a little cuddle before bed, but this take things to a new level. Rebecca Stephenson, who is from North Yorkshire, was found asleep in the cow shed after milking cuddling her British Blue heifer.

Rebecca Stephenson sleep cuddle with cow

Chillaxing with Farmers Weekly

Here’s Moose the labrador puppy from Cambridgeshire. Grace Mitchell took this photo shortly after he had finished running around with his family’s latest issue of Farmers Weekly. Looks like all the excitement really tired him out.

Moose the labrador puppy sleeping with Farmers Weekly