Farmlife Framed: Lambing selfies and snowy scenes

Lambing flurries and heavy snowfall hasn’t managed to halt the avalanche of reader photos arriving at Farmers Weekly HQ.

Severe snowfall in recent weeks has made for some stunning snaps, but it is always worth remembering the farmer struggles not shown in the pretty pictures, as they battle to keep livestock safe and roads open for milk tankers and the British public.

We’ve cherry-picked some of our favourite photos sent in over the past few weeks of lambing and the big freeze on the farm.

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Lambing family

Young farming family with lamb

A lovely farming family selfie with dad Richard, mum Gemma and 14-month-old Charlie Deighton helping with lambing at his granny and grandad’s farm in Yorkshire.

Snow-clearing teamwork

Children on ride on tractors in snow

This is snow easy job. Little farmer Will Loades is giving his sister Louisa a tow as they work on clearing the drive. We love the matching outfits.

Tongues out

Ever think livestock look like their farmers? That’s certainly the case here with Sarah Devlin Stafford and one of her newest arrivals on the farm.

Sarah with lamb

First lambing season

This is 11-month-old Lexi McMullan enjoying her first lambing season with her dad and grandad.

Lexi McMullan with lamb

“What are ewe looking at?”

Sophie Huntley sent in this fantastic lambing shot.


All smiles

Sheep farmer James Tilley sent in this lambing selfie from North Wales.

James Tilley and lamb

New encounter

This is four-month-old Loui Bennett meeting his first Kerry Hill lamb on a farm in Derbyshire.

Baby with lamb

Happy lambing

This cheerful pair look full of the joys of spring. This is Georgia Manning with a chipper little lamb.

Georgia Manning with lamb

Follow the leader

Hugh Chamberlain took this photo in the Scottish Borders as he moved these ewes from a drifted field to safer ground.

sheep in snow

Snow farmer

This frosty farmer was made by Ellie Ford from Elberton in South Gloucestershire.

Snow farmer

Playing in the snow

These calves managed to escape from their barn to play in the snow in Thornsett, Derbyshire. Kerrie Handford took this photo as she rounded them up.

Calves in snow

Best time of the year

Somerset farmer Guy Dibble grabbed a quick selfie while helping out with lambing on the family farm in Ilminster.

Guy Dibble with lamb

Look behind you

Megan Hogg from North Wales sent in this photo of Annie the lamb, blissfully unaware of Bonnie the sheepdog photobombing behind.

Lamb and sheepdog

Springer in the snow

This is Dotty the three-year-old Springer Spaniel, playing in the snow near Louth upon the Lincolnshire Wolds. This snowy snap was taken by Jonny Trotter.

Dog playing in snow

Happy lambing

Rupert Watson Smyth took this fun photo of lambing in full swing at Lellizzick Farm in Padstow, Cornwall.

Lamb in bucket

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