Photo of the Week: Schoolgirl makes prom statement in Quadtrac 620

Thought that going to your high school prom these days meant being chauffeured to the venue in a limousine? Think again.

Mia Halliday from Castle Rock School in Leicestershire wowed her fellow pupils as she rocked up to her year 11 prom in a Quadtrac 620.

Mia was keen to make a statement as she prepares to follow her passion for farming and attend Brooksby Agricultural College in September following her GCSEs.

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She said: “It was a standing joke with my friends that I may attend in a tractor; however, having thought more about it, I couldn’t have attended in any other vehicle.

“When my dad asked a local farming friend whether he would be able to take me, he offered me the Quadtrac or a standard tractor.

“However, I thought it would be more exciting to go on the Quadtrac and make a statement of attending on not any old tractor as my friends thought.

“It was so exciting travelling from Taylors Farm in Leicestershire to the prom in such an amazing and huge vehicle and, when I arrived, everyone couldn’t believe it was me sat in the passenger seat and thought it must have been one of the lads.

“I did laugh at some of the faces people were pulling wondering who was in it.

“Farming is always seen as a male-orientated business; therefore, I felt making a statement would prove to all girls and women wishing to go into a career in farming that it can be done, and what a way to start my own journey.

“And of course the red dress had to match!”

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